Seasonal Camper Information & Lottery

Returning Seasonal Campers can keep their same campsite for subsequent years by paying the annual seasonal camping fee in accordance with the MWCD fee structure in advance of the seasonal lottery. The payment deadline is listed in the seasonal camper letter and can also be obtained by calling a park office(419.938.7884). The seasonal camp letter is mailed after the first of the year and explains payment options.


The lottery was developed to make obtaining a seasonal campsite fair for everyone. The lottery is held on the first Saturday in March for returning Seasonal Campers and the second Saturday in March for new Seasonal Campers. Please consult the park office for specific start times. (THE MWCD RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SUSPEND OR ALTER THE LOTTERY PROCESS).
The First Lottery is for the returning Seasonal Campers. To be eligible, you must be up-to-date on the current
year’s fees. Returning Seasonal Campers will have the first option at any available campsites.
This lottery is for guests wishing to become a new Seasonal Camper.
i. Camping Permit payment for returning seasonal campers must be received at the park office by 12:00 pm
on the Monday before the Lottery. Those campsites that are not paid for by the deadline will be made
available in the lottery.
ii. If a campsite is acquired in the lottery for new seasonal campers, campsite payment will be required within
5 days of the Second Lottery.
iii. Only one person per household may sign up for the lottery.
iv. A valid Power of Attorney is required if the interested person is not present at the lottery.
v. Permit holder must be the person to register for the campsite. Only one name per permit is allowed.
vi. The number drawn will have the first choice of any available seasonal campsite in the park.
vii. A number can only be drawn once. Drawn numbers cannot be thrown back in, to be drawn again.
viii. Trading campsites is prohibited.
ix. Lotteries will be hosted virtually unless otherwise communicated.
x. Tokens will be drawn at random until the Seasonal camper limit has been reached.
xi. Once a new campsite is chosen, if another campsite was previously held, then the old campsite must be
vacated by April 1st at 2:00 p.m.


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