Fishing & Species

Methods of Fishing & Best Fishing Sites
  • Popular spots for angling are along the rocky ledge on the southern shore near the bend in the impoundment, and the small coves along the southern neck of the reservoir. Bass, bluegill, crappie, and saugeye are caught in these areas.
  • Panfish angling is generally done towards the western end along the gradually sloping southern shore during the springtime and towards the eastern end during the summer. Most anglers use conventional methods fishing live bait under a bobber.
  • Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass may be caught with live baits such as worms, soft crayfish, and minnows. Trolling with jointed deep-running lures near the rock ledge area or in the bay west of the camping area can be an effective way of catching bass. Stump casting for bass can be effective using deep running lures or plastic worms on the lower end of the reservoir, or plastic worms and shallower running lures on the upper end of the lake. Fishing top water lures after dark during the summer can be very effective in catching bass. Smallmouth bass are usually caught in the deeper, lower end of the reservoir and more largemouth bass are caught in the shallower upper end of the lake.
  • When fishing for saugeye, try trolling a jointed 2 1/2-inch, 1/4-ounce, lure about 10 to 15 feet deep. To get your lure to that depth you may need to attach a weight followed by a 6-foot leader with your lure attached to the end of the leader. Saugeye fishing is also good just off the beach area in 10 to 15 feet of water. Try fishing that area at night with a jig tipped with a live minnow fished near the bottom.
  • White bass make a spawning run up the Clear Fork River in the spring and they can provide a lot of action and good eating. Most white bass are caught on live minnows or small jigs tipped with twister tails or tube baits.
  • Bullheads and channel catfish are usually fished for by tight-lining with worms or other baits. When fishing tight-lined, a weight with a single hook is cast out. The weight lies on the bottom of the lake with the line pulled taut to the reel, on a rod resting in the fork of a twig set upright in the earth. The clicker on the reel is set to give notice of a strike. 
  • Carp may be taken with worms or doughball bait on a "tight line."


Fish Survey Report

 Channel Catfish  Fair Excellent  28.3
 Crappie  Excellent Excellent  16.7
 Largemouth Bass  Excellent Excellent  20.9
 Saugeye  Excellent Excellent 26.9
Smallmouth Bass  Excellent Excellent 17.9
Sunfish  Excellent Excellent 8.6
White Bass Good Excellent 16.1


Angler Survey Report


Catfish 4% Good Average
Crappie 16% Fair High
Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass 24% Excellent Average
Muskellunge 2% Poor Average
Saugeye 17% Excellent High
Sunfish 5% Fair Average
White Bass 2% Fair Low
Yellow Perch 1% Excellent Average
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