Black Vulture Project



    Black Vultures are large raptors usually seen in flocks and are commonly confused with the Turkey Vulture. Their            looks are deceptive because their body size is about the same, but the aggressive Black Vultures often drive Turkey Vultures away from food.

They are protected by the Migratory Bird Act and are an important part of the food chain because they feast mainly on carrion (the decaying flesh of dead animals). At times they also eat eggs of other birds, turtles, lizards, and can eat newborn young of larger mammals. 

These aggressive birds are clearly a threat to other animals, but unfortunately - they can also be very destructive to personal property. They enjoy picking on the rubber seals commonly found on car windows, windshield wipers, and campers to name a few. To deter destructive behavior on MWCD property, staff routinely use noisemakers and lights, have eliminated dead trees and stumps where they like to roost, and have hung effigies in areas where they like to flock. 

Black Vultures are very social birds of prey and gather in large groups. Black Vultures are very intelligent and respond to VISUAL cues. Using this information, the park staff is experimenting with colors RED & YELLOW to deter bad behavior and reduce human conflicts within park areas using less-than-lethal means.

You will notice some areas with red & yellow colored trash can lids, clear plastic bags, inflatable tube man, signs, laser lights, and other devices in selected test areas around the beach, marina, and campground areas. Please do not remove, tamper with or disturb these devices. Observations have shown negative reactions to the colors red and yellow, along with movement and large eyes resembling predators may deter Black Vultures.  


     YELLOW Trash can lids with scary predator eyes                     RED inflatable tube man

For any questions or concerns please call the park office at 419.938-7884. If you would like to take part in a citizen scientist survey to help us collect data, please click on the link below to take the survey.  Thank you for your cooperation.


The MWCD has received a permit from the United States Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service to take 40 Black Vultures annually. While the repair of the damaged property falls on the owner, we would like to track damages to determine if additional permits can or should be obtained.

Property Damage Reporting- Click on the link below to complete a black vulture damage report.

If you have experienced damage, or need to be contacted by MWCD staff click here


Identifying Black Vulture Quiz- Click on the link below to take the Black Vulture ID Quiz. Once you pass the test with 100% you will be contacted on where to collect & enter data at park sites.


Black Vulture Project Data Collection SurveyClick on the link below to enter the collected data for the Black Vulture survey. This data will be used to make future decisions on Black Vulture control and deterrence.
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