February 13, 2023

New Osprey Nesting Platforms 

We repaired two (2) Osprey platforms (one with the camera) and installed two (2) new additional platforms on February 13, 2023. With assistance from Firelands Electric Cooperative and MWCD staff, the repairs and installations were completed before the return of Opsrey sometime in March. We now have a total of eight (8) nesting platforms around the lake area and three (3) active Bald Eagle nests at the lake, with one (1) new Eagle nest this year.

Click Here to View LIVE Osprey Nest Cam

The Osprey nest camera at Pleasant Hill Lake Park is located at the Swim Beach/Marina area in Perrysville, Ohio, and was made possible through a grant from the Firelands Electric People’s Fund in collaboration with the Firelands Electric Cooperative, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, The Greater Mohican Audubon Society and HD on Tap for hosting the video streaming and online support.


NOTICE: This is a wild Osprey nest, and anything can happen. While we hope that healthy Osprey chicks will end up fledging from the nest, things like sibling rivalry, predators, and natural disasters can affect the Osprey family and may be difficult to watch. As hard as it may be to see anything happen to our Osprey, we will let nature take its course and will not intervene.

 We use infrared light for nighttime viewing. Infrared is not visible to the Ospreys or to humans, however, the video camera can capture the images.

The Osprey camera GPS location:  

   N40.644067   W-82.341209

See something interesting or have questions?

Email us at [email protected] with the date, time, and brief comments.


Thank you to our sponsors who help make this video cam possible.









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