Flooding Elevation Impacts

May 22, 2020

Being a flood control lake we have rain events that can impact our facilities and operations. Under the new Master planning all new full hook up campsites were constructed so they would NOT be affected by flooding until we reach the 1033 feet lake level. Camp Area E lower sites and Horse camp are affected at 1024 feet lake elevation. So if you check the US Army Corps lake level you can determine the impact to camping areas. Normal summer pool elevation is at 1020 feet. Swim Beach, Boat Ramps and Marina areas affected around 1022 feet elevation. See the link on this website home page for lake level link at US Army Corps.

  • Below1016  MWCD Boat Ramp closed
  • Below1018  Boats start dragging the bottom
  • At 1020       Normal summer elevation no impact
  • Above1024  Boat docks start having trouble
  • Above1024  MWCD Camping Area E lower sites & horse camp flooding begins
  • Above1030  MWCD boat ramp closed.
  • Above1030  Covert Road 3.25 miles west of Perryville closed
  • Above 1033  Areas B,C,F and Upper E camping flooding begins
  • Above1038.8Water starts covering bridge decking on Pleasant Hill Road at Newville
  • Above1040  Bunker Hill Road at Newville closed.
  • Above1040  County Road 1027 in Ashland County, 0.5 mile north of dam site, closed
  • Above1045  Newville Road, 3 miles north of Butler, closed
  • Above1048  State Route 95 at Newville OH closed
  • Above1050  Benedict Road, 1 mile NW of Butler, closed
  • Above1050  County Road 1027 in Ashland County, 1 mile north of dam site, closed.
  • Above1055  Forbes and Pleasant Hill Road in Richland County, NW of dam site, closed
  • Above1058  State Route 95 in Richland County, 2 miles west of Perrysville, closed
  • Above1058  Park is closed.
  • Above1065  State Route 95 in Richland County, 3 miles west of Perrysville, closed
  • Above1075Emergency Spillway
  • Above1080Saddleback Spillway
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